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04/iun/2010 Politica externă a Rusiei în epoca postsovietică (3/4)

Russian foreign policy within post- soviet era

 Irina Gucianu

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Playing with no cards

The decade 2000 – 2009 brought certain vision related changes both into the western camp as well as into the Russian camp. This period is marked not only by the enlargement of NATO, which intrinsically involved that Russia was still a threat but also by the new leaders that came to power, both in the United States as well as in Russia. Citește în continuare

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28/mai/2010 Politica externă a Rusiei în epoca postsovietică (1/4)

Russian foreign policy within post- soviet era

 Irina Gucianu

Autoarea acestui studiu este o meritorie absolventă recentă a Facultăţii de Istorie (UB), secţia Relaţii Internaţionale; domeniul său de interes, în ultima perioadă, a fost realitatea (geo)politică din spaţiul ex-sovietic (Rusia, Ucraina mai ales) – EURAST


Over the last decade, Russia, the main successor of the Soviet Union, seems to have steered its foreign politics to a different direction. Is there such a change or this has been the rule all this time? The country nowadays does not seem to have lost its imperialistic velleities in spite of the decline that went into during the first ten years of post-soviet era. The present paper’s purpose is to analyze the extent to which Russia wanted, following the collapse of the soviet empire, to try to get closer to the western camp and the extent to which it tried to maintain its pursuit of great power. It is not somewhat possible that the imperialistic desiderata, that had been less visible in Yeltsin era, will just be more accentuated during Putin era and afterwards, during Putin-Medvedev era? Citește în continuare

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