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17/ian/2010 „The Economist” (M. Britanie) despre alegerile din Ucraina

Ukraine’s presidential election

Oranges and lemons

Jan 14th 2010 | KIEV

From The Economist print edition

 A run-off is likely between Viktor Yanukovich and Yulia Tymoshenko

FANCY buying a vote in Ukraine’s presidential election on January 17th? Go to a new website called “sell your vote” ( http://www.prodaygolos.com.ua). “I will sell two or three votes,” reads one post. “I’ve sold mine for 500 hryvna,” reads another. When last checked, the website advertised some 4,500 votes for sale across Ukraine, at an average price of 913 hryvna ($114). This number could hardly swing the election result, but is enough to reflect the public’s alienation and disillusionment with their politicians.

Five years after the “orange revolution”, which brought thousands of protesters on to the snowy streets of Kiev, many would rather vote against all the candidates—or just not turn up at all. Kiev is once again covered in snow, but the only noise in this election is that of pensioners banging pots and pans in front of government buildings to demand better living standards. The gloomy mood even inspired one small-town opportunist in western Ukraine to change his name to Protyvsikh (Against-all). He is now one of 18 registered presidential candidates. (text integral format word doc. – Economist – Ucraina ian 10 )


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