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17/ian/2010 Revista „Newsweek” (SUA) despre alegerile din Ucraina

The End of Orange

Only one thing’s for sure in Ukraine’s election: the winner won’t be Russia, no matter what it says.

By Owen Matthews and Anna Nemtsova | NEWSWEEK

Published Jan 9, 2010 | From the magazine issue dated Jan 18, 2010

No one can say who will win Ukraine’s presidential election later this month. But one thing is sure: Russia won’t waste time declaring itself the victor.

Ever since the 2004 Orange Revolution brought hundreds of thousands onto the streets of Kiev to overturn the rigged result of Ukraine’s last presidential vote, Russia has been itching for a rematch. For Vladimir Putin, seeing his man ousted in favor of a pro-democracy coalition that promised to take Ukraine into NATO and the EU was the „single worst strategic setback” of his presidency, according to Putin biographer Andrei Kolesnikov. Russia has spent the intervening five years ensuring that no such revolution can take place at home and that the Orange coalition in Ukraine would fail. These efforts, such as energy cutoffs and stoking separatism among Ukraine’s 20 percent Russian minority, worked devastatingly well—especially combined with the greed and shortsightedness of Ukrainian politicians. Viktor Yushchenko, the Ukrainian president and Orange leader, now limps along with single-digit approval ratings, while Viktor Yanukovych, the Moscow-backed candidate ousted in 2004, leads the polls. (text integral, format word doc. – Newsweek – Ucraina ian 10 )

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by Adrian Raeside 27 nov 09


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