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17/ian/2010 O perspectivă rusă asupra alegerilor din Ucraina

Oranges and Clementines

Roland Oliphant ( Russia Profile)


LVOV, Ukraine – In the Upcoming Ukrainian Presidential Elections a Second Round Seems Inevitable, But the Winner Is Hard to Predict

Democracy, in the crude form of healthy competition between rival candidates, is alive and well in Ukraine. Posters for the two main candidates Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich dominate the streets of Kiev against the backdrop of a myriad of posters for the other 16 hopefuls in Sunday’s presidential elections. Incumbent President Viktor Yushchenko’s “Ukraine for the people” slogan defiantly maintains a toe-hold in the national consciousness, though opinion polls show that his re-election campaign is a forlorn hope.

It is illegal to publish opinion polls less than 15 days before an election in Ukraine, and no new poll data has been published here since January 1. But a poll by the state-owned Russian pollster VTsIOM conducted between January 3 and 10 shows little change in the two weeks since New Year. Yanukovich continues to lead the field with 30.5 percent, with Tymoshenko trailing on at 13.9 percent. (text integral, format word doc. – Russia profile – Ucraina – ian 10 )

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