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07/ian/2010 Interviu cu Susan Glasser, editor-şef al revistei „Foreign Policy”

Susan Glasser vorbeşte despre cuprinsul celui mai recent număr al revistei Foreign Policy, precum şi despre câteva teme tangenţiale, precum: competiţia dintre Canada şi Rusia pentru resursele nordice, situaţia din Afganistan, situaţia internă din Rusia condusă de Putin & Medvedev sau politica de „resetare” a relaţiilor dintre SUA şi Rusia, promovată de administraţia Obama.

(nota EURAST: ediţia română a acestui număr al revistei Foreign Policy apare pe 18 ianuarie a.c.)


Editor Of ‘Foreign Policy’ Talks About

The Stories You Should Have Been Paying Attention To

RFE/RL, January 01, 2010

News organizations around the world have been looking at 2009’s most important trends and events. RFE/RL correspondent Gregory Feifer recently sat down with Susan Glasser, executive editor of „Foreign Policy” magazine, for her perspective. An influential voice in the U.S. foreign policy community, Glasser was previously assistant managing editor for national news at „The Washington Post.” Earlier, she served as Moscow correspondent for the paper, together with her husband, Peter Baker. They co-wrote „Kremlin Rising: Vladimir Putin’s Russia and the End of Revolution.”

RFE/RL: „Foreign Policy” recently published a feature on the Top 10 Overlooked Stories of 2009. The two at the top of the list were the opening of Russia’s arctic Northeast Passage and the resurgence of violence in Iraq. Can you explain why? 

Susan Glasser: What we were aiming to do was to look at the stories, not that went unreported entirely, but that really escaped broad general notice because often those are the stories that have the bigger long-term impact. Those are the stories that you might be reading a whole lot more about in 2010. [2009], frankly, [was] so overwhelmingly and understandably dominated by a few big news stories: President Obama’s first year, then the health-care fight, the war in Afghanistan, the ongoing turmoil after the election in Iran. These are understandably the big news stories of 2009. So what we do every year is make a tradition out of searching out those big, very impactful things that you might not have heard as much about.

text integral, în format word doc. – RFERL – interviu Glasser – 01 ian 10


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