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05/ian/2010 Dimitri Medvedev face un bilanţ al anului 2009 pentru Rusia (III)

La finele anului trecut, preşedintele rus D. Medvedev a acordat un interviu către trei posturi TV ruseşti – NTV, Rossia şi Kanal 1, un interviu difuzat pe 24 decembrie 2009, la o oră de maximă audienţă -, în cadrul căruia a făcut un bilanţ al anului 2009 pentru spaţiul Federaţiei Ruse şi pentru relaţiile acesteia cu vecinii. G E O P O L I T I K O N  prezintă acest interviu în integralitate, în varianta sa engleză, într-o succesiune de trei episoade, avînd convingerea că cei ce urmăresc cu atenţie evoluţiile (geo)politicii ruse vor găsi interesant acest text – EURAST & Adrian Cioroianu   


 Interviu al preşedintelui rus Dimitri Medvedev  

 pentru trei posturi TV ruseşti, 24 decembrie 2009 

 – ultima parte, 3/3 – 

 (sublinieri operate de EURAST – Center) 

Sursa: site-ul preşedinţiei Rusiei, www.kremlin.ru 


VLADIMIR KULISTIKOV: I want to ask about the recent tragedy that shocked the country ­ the terrorist bombing of the Nevsky Express. How is the investigation going, and will the perpetrators of this crime be caught? 

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: I have no doubt that the perpetrators will be caught. I cannot divulge the information I receive from the special services and the investigators. The investigation continues and it needs to carry out its work in confidentiality. Various versions of events are quite well known nonetheless and in some cases have been picked up by the media. I am certain that the investigators and law enforcement officers are able to find, catch and bring to trial these monsters. Our country is up to this task. But as well as the investigation side of this terrible act of terrorism, we also need to look at security issues, including technical safety. We need to look at how we guarantee technical, technological and aviation safety, safety on board our aircraft, for example. The same goes for our railways. We have a huge railway network in Russia and it needs more than just management and maintenance. 

VLADIMIR KULISTIKOV: It’s the biggest in the world. 

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: Yes, and it needs to be as safe as we can make it. I gave instructions on this to the Transport Ministry and Russian Railways following what happened. They have already drafted proposals and they will receive every rouble they need for this work. This is something we simply have to do. 

VLADIMIR KULISTIKOV: Another tragedy that shocked everyone was what happened in Perm. When you spoke about the people who held a candle to this situation, the people who let this happen, you said that they have neither brains nor conscience. These words of yours are rather bleak when you think about it, because lack of brains can be compensated for by rules and strict discipline to enforce them, but there is no way to make up for lack of conscience. 

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: Conscience is a moral concept, and it is something we all need to work on. People are not simply born with conscience but develop it through the nurture of school, family and faith. This terrible tragedy is the result of negligence and incompetence that simply went beyond all bounds. I cannot fathom how anyone could dream up the idea of holding a fireworks show in an enclosed space. Even people with very little education know that this is dangerous.  

(textul complet în format word doc.: Medvedev bilant 2009 – III )


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