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04/ian/2010 Dimitri Medvedev face un bilanţ al anului 2009 pentru Rusia (II)

La finele anului trecut, preşedintele rus D. Medvedev a acordat un interviu către trei posturi TV ruseşti – NTV, Rossia şi Kanal 1, un interviu difuzat pe 24 decembrie 2009, la o oră de maximă audienţă -, în cadrul căruia a făcut un bilanţ al anului 2009 pentru spaţiul Federaţiei Ruse şi pentru relaţiile acesteia cu vecinii. G E O P O L I T I K O N  prezintă acest interviu în integralitate, în varianta sa engleză, într-o succesiune de trei episoade, avînd convingerea că cei ce urmăresc cu atenţie evoluţiile (geo)politicii ruse vor găsi interesant acest text – EURAST & Adrian Cioroianu  


Interviu al preşedintelui rus Dimitri Medvedev  

pentru trei posturi TV ruseşti, 24 decembrie 2009 

– a doua parte, 2/3 – 

(sublinieri operate de EURAST – Center) 

Sursa: site-ul preşedinţiei Rusiei, www.kremlin.ru 


VLADIMIR KULISTIKOV: Mr President, I do not think that all political parties have equal footing when it comes to claims of improper election practices. I think that the current ruling party, which is supported by a majority of voters, has particular responsibility for ensuring that democratic procedures in our nation are properly followed. Like no other party, it must react sharply to the instances of administrative zeal that have led to very unpleasant occurrences during elections.   

And of course, the party in power has a great deal of responsibility in regard to public administration. I want to share an unforgettable memory of when I was listening to you in St George Hall. It was unforgettable not only because of your speech but also because of what I observed inside the hall. I was shocked by the fact that some of the people present showed complete indifference to what you were saying. Some were having their own side conversations, some were still recovering from the activities of the previous night, and others were simply playing with their smart phones. And I assure you, there were many people like these. 

So here is what I thought. You are putting forward certain goals and making certain decisions. But our country is very expansive, stretching over more time zones than any other nation in the world. There is an army of bureaucrats standing between you and the day-to-day lives of our citizens. Can you please talk about what you are doing to ensure that your decisions are implemented in the regions, rather than being turned into a parody of themselves? 

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: Mr Kulistikov, at the end of this programme, would you please give me the list of people you remember messing around during the Address. 


DMITRY MEDVEDEV: We will deal with them separately. 

VLADIMIR KULISTIKOV: I suspect that I am going to become very popular among the bureaucrats. 

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: I’m certain of it. You will earn some serious points. (Laughter.) Or you may lose something. 

VLADIMIR KULISTIKOV: I may gain or lose. 

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: But in all seriousness, we really do have a variegated nation and the authorities vary as well. I’ll put it this way: those who are ready to change, who understand that without modernising the economy and the political system our nation has no future, those people should be and will be at work. As for those who think they can be on the drift, – we have people like that both at the regional and federal level, nobody is perfect, – they will simply need to understand for themselves whether it’s time to retire. Thus, this process will go on.  (episodul 2/3 integral în format word doc.: Medvedev bilant 2009 – II )


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