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03/ian/2010 Da, e cert: sunt şi unii care se bucură că vacanţa de iarnă a luat sfîrşit!

(just for fun!)

by Jeff Stahler


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03/ian/2010 Dimitri Medvedev face un bilanţ al anului 2009 în Rusia (I)

La finele anului trecut, preşedintele rus D. Medvedev a acordat un interviu pentru trei posturi TV ruseşti – NTV, Rossia şi Kanal 1, un interviu difuzat pe 24 decembrie 2009, la o oră de maximă audienţă -, în cadrul căruia a făcut un bilanţ al anului 2009 pentru spaţiul Federaţiei Ruse şi pentru relaţiile acesteia cu vecinii. G E O P O L I T I K O N  prezintă acest interviu în integralitate, în varianta sa engleză, într-o succesiune de trei episoade, avînd convingerea că cei ce urmăresc cu atenţie evoluţiile (geo)politicii ruse vor găsi interesant acest text – EURAST & Adrian Cioroianu


Interviu al preşedintelui rus Dimitri Medvedev

pentru trei posturi TV ruseşti, 24 decembrie 2009

– prima parte, 1/3 –

 (sublinieri operate în formatul word doc. de EURAST – Center)

Sursa: site-ul preşedinţiei Rusiei, www.kremlin.ru


GENERAL DIRECTOR OF CHANNEL ONE KONSTANTIN ERNST: Good afternoon, Mr President.  Over the course of the year, you have met many times with our colleagues ­ journalists from the major television channels ­ to discuss current problems in politics and the economy. We are all grateful for the opportunity to have this discussion of the outcomes of 2009 broadcast live on the three national channels, NTV, Rossiya, and Channel One.

PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA DMITRY MEDVEDEV: Good afternoon, colleagues. It is true that we have quite a bit to talk about, reflect on, and discuss.

KONSTANTIN ERNST: Mr Medvedev, 2009 was a complicated year. Our nation faced new challenges. How would you describe this year, its successes and failures?

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: It is true that this was a very difficult year filled with many dramatic events. I think that all of our citizens found this year to be hard. The most important outcome of 2009 is that we withstood the hardships, resisted the troubles and continued our national development. In my view, we paid a relatively small price for the international financial and economic crisis that shook the planet.

As for the successes, in my opinion, we were able to accomplish at least three things.

First and most important was the fact that we maintained social stability. We provided all the social benefits that had been promised. Not a single social obligation was unmet. On the contrary, this year, we started introducing a new scheme of paying retirement pensions, and we have increased pensions overall. Furthermore, this increase is not just formal, but it represents a real augmentation. The monthly pensions have grown by one third in face value, and one quarter in real value. Next year, these efforts will continue. So this is our first and probably most important accomplishment.

The second accomplishment is ensured financial stability. It was problematic at some stage and the beginning of the year was very alarming. The Government and the Central Bank had to do their utmost to rectify the aggravations in the financial and credit sector, maintain stability of the national currency, and support sound functioning of national banks thus preventing their collapse and avoiding the 1998 financial crisis scenario.

All of this was achieved. The financial system is stable and properly functioning. More so, this year’s inflation is much lower than last year’s. In 2008, inflation rate was about thirteen percent, but this year, it will be around nine percent.

And finally, we had a third accomplishment. We were able to launch mechanisms for supporting strategic enterprises. Today, we do not have any large company going bankrupt. We supported all of them and ensured employment for their workforce. In cases when companies had to temporarily halt production, we offered unemployment benefits and other means of financial support to their employees.

I believe, these were the three major challenges of this year, and speaking honestly, I think we were successful in reaching our goals.

There were some areas where we were less successful. (aici, episodul 1/3 integral în format word doc.: Medvedev bilant 2009 – I )

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