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13/dec/2009 EURAST recomandă: Iran & Rusia + China – ce strategie trebuie să aibă Occidentul?

EURAST recomandă o analiză geopolitică despre viitorul probabil al Iranului ca putere regională – şi despre ce au făcut/fac Rusia, China şi Turcia în acest sens – Ad. C.

Iran Gains Strategic Momentum Balancing Russia, the PRC and the West 

By Dr Assad Homayoun, Gregory R. Copley, and Vossef Bodansky 

Iran is gathering momentum to become a great regional power with global implications. It is already a nuclear weapons power, with externally-acquired nuclear weapons. But the question facing Iranians and the external community is the style of governance of the country, and its specific international and grand strategy objectives. 

Iran’s present geo-strategic position is also transformed in importance by the end of the Great Game (or at least the component of it which began with the Russo-Persian Treaty of 1813, transformed with the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907, and arguably concluded with the new Russo-Iranian understandings of the past few years).   In a parallel, and overlapping, dynamic, the China-Iran historical link has returned to the fore, especially given the PRC’s position as a major supplier of vital refined petroleum to Iran, and a client for Iranian crude oil. 

The fact that the West has „lost” Turkey and Iran (and the fact that Iran is now working closely with Turkey on a range of issues, but motivated mutually by the energy network controlled by Moscow) to some extent empowers the Iranian clerical leadership, but this may be insufficient to paper over the differences between the competing, and possibly mutually destructive, clerical power factions. (text integral word doc. – Iran putere regionala – dec 09 ) 

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 by Dave Whamond 24 nov 09


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