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07/dec/2009 EURAST recomandă: După 20 de ani – interviu cu Adam Michnik

Polish Dissident Says Life ‘Probably Not A Paradise, But It’s Not Hell Anymore’

Adam Michnik: ”Democracy does not just solve everything. Democracy offers freedom and basic civil rights. But democracy cannot decide who of us will be happy.”

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty , November 13, 2009

Adam Michnik, the editor in chief of Poland’s „Gazeta Wyborcza” and a leading member of the Polish democratic opposition from 1968 to 1989, was in Prague this week to attend a conference marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain. He spoke to Irina Lagunina of RFE/RL’s Russian Service about Russia, the West, and the post-Soviet letdown felt in the former Eastern bloc countries.

On Russia and the fate of the former Soviet bloc countries, 20 years after communism:

„In all of our [postcommunist] countries there is a tendency toward our own kind of Putinism. What is Putinism? Putinism, according to [chief Kremlin ideologue Vladislav] Surkov, is a sovereign democracy. A sovereign democracy means that I am the sovereign; I can imprison all my opponents, in spite of Strasbourg, The Hague, or Brussels. (…)

On Russian foreign policy:

„I think that the Caucasus and Moldova are great mistakes in the Kremlin’s policy. I think this may be the result of an imaginary inferiority [complex] (…).

text integral (în format word doc.) la Adam Michnik – interviu RFE/RL


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